Rodin in Milano

Seen in the metro station Pasteur in Milan

Seen in the metro station Pasteur in Milan

I first thought I would write one post about the exhibit and that would be that but when I began research into The Kiss I knew the love affair wouldn’t end there.

At the exhibit itself I didn’t take a lot of photos, I’m still getting used to shooting indoors in various lighting situations and the lighting in this hall was very subdued. But I mainly focused on those sculptings that touched me or LV.  I’ll be featuring them here in the next few days starting with the notorious, unforgettable, The Kiss.

...a work in progress

…a work in progress

What I was striving to capture and convey with the images was a glimpse of the artist’s creative process.  For this reason I took a few shots of the models in clay that he used before starting the actual piece.  To me they’re maybe even more important than the finished work because they seem to affirm that such a master did indeed have a process, that masters of art aren’t born with a work of art in their hand, it confirms that they too must toil, work at it, develop, refine and evolve through and with their art.

Here, the immediacy, the urgency to fix the moment into form

Here, the immediacy, the urgency to fix the moment into form

This exhibit marks my first, conscious journey into the exploration of art through another art form: photography; my first attempt to photo journal with intent and a first step at consciously approaching art with curiosity not fear (hmmm, there’s food for a future post).

What I learned:

First time I used my 50mm fixed lens outside of my studio!  I don’t think I’m ever going back to a zoom or a kit lens.  I’m a novice but with this lens I was able to take some seriously decent shots in manual.

Milan was magical that day!  It was the 6th of December but felt like the first day of Spring.  I was bursting with joy, palpably aware that art is everywhere, art is life and each one of us are artists of sorts in how we express this life energy.

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